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Avalanche hits Washich village of Upper Chitral

Avalanche hits Washich village of Upper Chitral

CHITRAL: An avalanche hit Washich village in Torkhow valley of Upper Chitral the other night after rain lashed the pasture for three days which caused the huge mass of snow to erode downward. However, there was no casualty.

Qazi Inayat, a villager, told this correspondent by phone that the avalanche passed through the deep stream of Washich village and it was so intense that its debris crossed the Chitral River to the opposite Zang Lusht village.

He said it did not cause any damage to life or homes and agricultural lands as whole of the debris drained through the stream.

The village is said to be highly prone to the disaster of snow avalanche as steep mountains and ridges stood close to the upper belt of the village.

Published in Dawn, March 19th, 2021

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