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Dowry is a curse

Aurangzeb Shahzad

We are living in a materialistic society, where people are not honest, instead they’re greedy. We are part of a society, where everyone tries to snatch by hook or crook. We are such a nation, who feel proud of speaking English and ashamed of speaking Urdu, or any native language. We consider language as a tool of measurement through which we analyse the talent of a person. We judge everything by its cover.
There is no existence of justice in our society, and where poor is becoming poorer day by day, and rich is getting richer. We have locked the doors of justice, either that are courts or any other public places. We are blindly following West even knowing, that we do not need to. If we ponder on, how our marriage ceremonies are being held, then we’ll come to know, that we are proudly following West on this case also. We have build such a concept, that if some one wants to perform his/her daughter’s marriage, then they’ll have to start preparing for it too early, and they have to start the arrangement accordingly.
Our major problem is that; we are always looking towards the comments of our respective societies, which seems, like we are living for society not for ourselves. Because, we want everything to be done according to the standards of the society, otherwise the society will not accept us. As far as I have observed, things are getting from bad to worse, and if it won’t be stopped, then I’m damn sure, that it will remain enough to make us suffer. So, for that, law should be implemented in its true sense. Being a Muslim, and being followers of the last messenger of God, we have to follow the valuable teachings of Islam, and we have to act accordingly. But, unfortunately, we don’t! Why do we do that? We can’t! We are having societies, and they have expectations, which seems mandatory to each of us, and it also seems, like we are living for them.
Our siege mentality coerce us, that if we don’t follow all these so-called cultures/traditions then, what will people say?if we follow Islamic values ,the society will not accept us.
Giving dowry ,doesn’t make any difference to affluent class but those who can’t afford it ,have to face a lot of difficulties .some times girls stay unmarried simply because their parent can’t give dowry .we are living in a materialistic  society.Vulgar display of wealth are a art of our culture.
According to statistics Pakistan has the highest number dowry death rates per 100,000 women in the world. It’s alarming do our society .just imagine how it is a shameful act when grooms family demand dowry from the brides society .people demand dowry mostly because of social pressure and out of greed as well.
We can say Dowry is a curse .it’s a social menace .
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  1. Hadia heart says

    We should make our societies work on the golden principles of Islam

  2. Mari says

    Instead of dowry give education to your Daughter

    1. Anonymous says

      Yes we should train them to be a good wife and give them good education plus give them the sence of doing different house holds too in fun😊

  3. Jamshid Ahmad says

    When we receive marriage proposals for our daughters or sisters, very first thing we ask is groom’s social status. We inquire about his job status, bank balance, vehicles he owns, ethnicity, acres of land he possesses etc. So, it is not always the groom’s side that promotes these rubbish practices, the bride’s family also plays their role. Nowadays grooms be like, If my financial status stands first to you then dowry stands first to me, not your daughter.

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