Terichmir peak

Attractive tourism destinations & poor roads

Prof. Rahmat Karim Baig

For the last many years, the PTI government has been working on the promotion of tourism in the KP province but when we look at the list we find Chitral at a poor corner whereas the valley is known for both adventure and cultural tourism attractions in a superlative degree. I disagree with the authorities concerned who have poor plans for Chitral and richer plans for other areas of the province.

 Terichmir peak (7,708m), which was first scaled in 1950, lies in Chitral but the condition of roads here is so deplorable that the chief minister should take notice of it. If the government has sincere intention to promote tourism, it should first of all improve the condition of roads.

Mr. Wazirzada, special assistant to the CM, has been working not only for the minorities , whom he represents, but also for the resolution of problems of  Chitralis. He is always busy and has sincere intentions to promote adventure tourism in the high mountains of Hindukush. 

What has to do first is to get sufficient funds for the improvement of roads, especially roads to the Kalash valleys, Terichmir, Shandur Road at a priority as these lead to prominent tourist destinations. His passion for promotion of tourism is commendable but the provincial government and the various concerned departments.

I would also like to draw the attention of the head of the northern command i.e. corpse commander  to take special interest in this far flung and most backward districts of Chitral where there is a total of only 150 km black top road vs. thousands and hundreds in the neighbouring districts. This is a great injustice with Chitral and its law abiding citizens. Chitral is a special Zone and demands special attention even if Chitralis have different culture than their immediate neighbours.

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  1. Sir , the road from mastuj to broghal is very necessary to repair and in future it must be included in the budget for black topping because it is very attractive area for tourists.

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