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Realignment of Chitral-Shandur road demanded

Changes to Chitral-Shandur road alignment urged

CHITRAL: The National Highway Authority (NHA) has been urged to change the alignment of the Chitral-Shandur road at least at four points to save the road from frequent closure and avoid accidents.

The demand came after the NHA recently invited bids for the construction of the road which would be completed in four stages. 

Former nazim Maghfirat Shah and Abdul Wali Khan Advocate along with notables from union council Koh and Denin said as huge funds were to be spent on the widening and reconstruction of the road, the government should realign it to benefit a maximum number of villages and avoid points vulnerable to flooding and landsliding.

When the road between Chitral town and Booni was being constructed some decades back, the government had been requested to realign it at vulnerable points but to no avail. As a result, lives were lost in accidents in Mroi, Dalum Gol and other points.–Muhkam Uddin Ayuni

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