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Human rights activist demands law against exploitation of Chitrali girls

Rights activist demands law against exploitation of Chitrali girls

Social and human rights activist Dr Khalil Ahmed Jughooru has demanded stringent legislation to check exploitation of Chitrali girls and women through underage marriages and other ways.

He said the provincial assembly should either make a new law or endorse the existing one, if any, in order to protect the rights of Chitral women, girls as well as the honour of Chitral.

His demand came in the wake of national media reports that JUI-F MNA from Balochistan Salahuddin Ayubi recently married a 14-year-old girl from Chitral. Dr Khalil also demanded action against elements belonging to Chitral who are involved in helping outsiders in the exploitation of Chitrali women and girls. 

In a video clip shared on social media, Dr Khalil also urged Wazirzada, the KP chief minister’s special assistant on minorities affairs, to play his role in ensuring that such a law is made by the provincial assembly to check the trend of marriages of underage Chitrali girls with outsiders.  

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