Injured snow leopard caught by villagers

Injured snow leopard rescued by villagers

CHITRAL: An injured snow leopard was rescued from a nearby mountain by people of Rabat village of Arkari valley on Friday, locals told ChitralToday.

Injured snow leopard found in Rabat, Arkari valley
The injured snow leopard.

The injured wild cat, about four to five years old, had fallen from the mountain and was lying injured when the villagers reached to it.

The villagers kept guarding  the wild cat for hours after alerting the wildlife department.

Officials from the Wildlife Division and the Snow Leopard and Ecosystem Protection Program then  reached the area and shifted the snow leopard to the veterinary hospital in Chitral.

Later, however, the wild animal was transported to Peshawar for treatment  due to unavailability of proper facilities to treat it in Chitral.

The DC office appreciated the locals of Rabat for timely informing the department concerned about the injured snow leopard. 

The Wildlife Division Chitral said that on the recommendation of Dr. Sheikh, senior veterinary officer Chitral, the injured snow leopard was transported to Peshawar Zoo for treatment on an  emergency basis.

In November 2019, an injured wolf was found lying on a roadside near Kuragh and shifted to Peshawar zoo where it was treated for the injuries.     

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