Pawri ho rahi hai

Wazir Ali Shah

I was eccentric to see the people utilizing their utmost energy and time in giving inputs to the viral video of Dananeer Mobeen where she showed her so called talent of ruining Urdu and promoting English as a trademark of a high profile persona. She was well-heeled enough to get the attention and her English accented Urdu spread like a fire in the jungle in the whole country. This unique unitedness of the whole nation gave her far-fetched fame and boosted ranking in social media wonderfully. Now, the phase of debate and argument was obvious and people have mixed emotions and point of views labelling it as talent as well as tosh act that lacks constructive message to learn from the video. If we see it in the mirror focusing on its true reflection, it has a great message. It imitates our priorities and trends towards social media taking things irrespective of their meaningful contents and fruitful message.

This video was not her deliberate attempt but it holds strong messages to fix the tendency of our priorities and interest towards social media’s activities. It also reveals the message of ignorance of those conquerors who are giving extraordinary contributions in different walks of life. They have opened new horizons and accomplishment in the field of science, technology and education but could not get exposure and considerable attention. For example, within the span of same days, Dr Zubaida Sirang from Chitral and Zara Naeem marked excellence in the field of research and education and became global prizewinner in the field of ophthalmology and International ACCA examination respectively. But, unfortunately the viewership of these girls in all formats of social media including Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok were few as compared to this viral video. Is it not indicating how we have become habitual to take non serious things seriously and putting worthy matters into our ignored list.

We are famous for promoting useless narratives and its dumping the holistic constructive thought leading the young generation towards unhealthy activities. We are not utilizing our energy to come up with an innovative idea to promote those achievements that truly matter long term to the benefit of the community, society and state. For example, Shaheer Niazi is also one of those talents who surprised scientists with a groundbreaking record on electric honeycombs. Once he received an email from New York Time referring to him as “Dr. Niazi. One more thing about this gentleman is very worthy to mention here is that he was only 16 when his research was published in the Royal Society Open Science Journal and Newton was 17 when his first research [paper] got published in the same journal. Nobody knows about this boy but half of the population showed the craziest attempt to develop and share this less important act to the possible highest altitude. This viral video has now crossed the border and even we have seen our cricket stars leading the squad of this act by his mimicry and motivating the young generation to use their energy to come up such useless moves to have big fame and thumps up in the social media. Alas, these tiktokers, youtubers have the courage to publicize yet another young talented boy Zidane Hamid belonging to Rawlkot Kashmir who makes a genius world record and broke the record made by Professor Vilas Pol of America’s Prude University. He arranged all the elements of the periodic table in a short time of 5 minutes and 41 seconds. Unfortunately, these talents are not fitting well with the model to catch more audience. It seems simple but the trendy posture and consequence is quite alarming.

Crossing 1k likes or views by weak contents is easy but standing behind our shining stars with the same passion and innovation is more beneficial to promote and encourage healthy activities in every walk of like. If we are hesitant to discourage such activities, then at least we should not join hands in a way to thump up as an influencer to such useless trends in any form of social media. Our encouragement must be with those social media activists who come up with an innovative idea with a take –home message so that they both iconic stars can shine together as achievers and as trend setters.

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  1. Well written…
    Our youth and newborns see their elders and leaders totally submissive to western civilization and culture (that includes language) up to the extent that they are caught in inferiority complex of their moral values, customs and rituals that are discouraged all over. A Pakistani is forced to speak English in interviews, gatherings and even in taking oath. Thus the outcome is….
    Pawri harai ae
    Pity for all this.

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