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Sadpara, two others declared dead on K2

SKARDU: Missing climbers Muhammad Ali Sadpara, Iceland’s John Snorri Sigurjónsson and Chile’s Juan Pablo Mohr Prieto were officially declared dead on Thursday in a press conference attended by families of the climbers in Skardu.

Gilgit-Baltistan Tourism Minister Raja Nasir Ali Khan and Ali Sadpara’s son, Sajid Sadpara, were also present at the briefing.

The three climbers were last seen on Feb 5 near the Bottleneck on K2 as they attempted to reach the summit of the Savage Mountain. Sajid Sadpara, who was accompanying the three, had to abandon his summit bid after his oxygen regulator malfunctioned and he returned to camp 3.

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Feb 14 update on the search mission said that the “leads — taken after scrutinising satellite images, using SAR technology and checking testimonials and timings — turned out to be a sleeping bag, torn tents or sleeping pads, none of which belong to these climbers.”–Dawn

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