Plant Pakistan campaign launched in Drosh

‘Plant for Pakistan’ campaign launched

Gul Hamaad Farooqi
CHITRAL: Under the Plant for Pakistan project, a campaign has been launched in Drosh.

In this regard, a ceremony was held on bank of Chitral River near the Shishi Bridge. Additional Assistant Commissioner Drosh Abdul Haq was the chief guest while Subdivisional Forest Officer Aziz Wali presided over the ceremony. 

SDFO Aziz Wali told the ceremony that this  year 991,875 plants would be provided to people free of cost. In addition, 34,000 fruit plants are being distributed among the public. He said  in Drosh 16,000 saplings were planted on riverbanks which are all successful and on Tuesday 20,000 free of cost saplings were distributed among the local community.
Community development officer Ijaz Ahmed said that we have been given a target of planting 2.22 million saplings. In this regard, we are planting these trees in collaboration with the general public to make it a success. can go for ownership of these plants.

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  1. This is highly appreciable, all Pakistanis must take it seriously and play positive role in making it a success. The officials of forest department should however not take it for granted. The plants are living things and need utmost care between uprooting and replanting so that they stay live during the handling. It has been observed that plants are carelessly transported exposing the roots to excessive sunshine and winds and not professionally dealt with while replanting and watering. As a result the survival rate is abysmally low with loss of scarce resources. This I say with personal observation in qaqlasht and other places in Chitral Districts.

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