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A commendable gesture from PTI

Zahoor ul Haq Danish

All differences with PTI aside, there is no denying the fact that PTI has taken certain steps which have been unprecedented in the political history of Pakistan.

One of such things is to acknowledge and bring forward honest party workers, instead of parachuters, in elections; be it general elections, local government elections or senate elections. This has been true especially in the case of peripheral regions like Chitral, where traditional political practices across parties used to be sort of cherry-picking.
The credit of breaking away with this (mal)practice goes, surely, to PTI.
Nominating a common worker of party who has risen up from grassroots level for the Senate election is a highly commendable decision, especially in view of the decades-long corrupt practices and capital involved around it. 
The recent nomination of Ms Falak Naz Chitrali is a highly welcome decision of Pakistan Tehrik Insaf. Falak Naz has been a dedicated party worker over the last decade, serving the party sur le terrain.
She comes from the family of “Charwelus”, local rulers, who are historically known as being brave, wise and just in dispensing justice. Ms Naz is the daughter of Mr Hussain Ullah, a teacher of teachers and officers, and a renowned educational figure of Chitral.
Hussain Ullah Ustaz is known and liked for his disciplined and principled attitude as a teacher.
It is for these and many other reasons that Ms Naz’s nomination is highly being hailed by the people of Chitral, regardless of their political affiliations and views.
This is a great gesture, having a promising bearing on the patriorchal social structure through breaking away with taboos and empowering women.
The decision is crucial, again, in view of the growing women-related issues in Chitral like rising suicide cases and incidents of deceptive and fraudulent downcountry (mis)marriages of Chitrali women leading to their victimisation. In the backcloth of these issues, it is high time that women leaders must be acknowledged and brought forward at all fronts, so that they may get a chance to duly and effectively address the issues facing womenfolk of Chitral at present time. 
PTI’s decision to nominate Ms Falak Naz is a highly commendable gesture, and will go a long way in earning the trust of its workers in particular and the voting masses in general.
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