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Awi Lasht residents continue protest for supply of electricity

Awi Lasht residents continue protest for supply of electricity

Sher Afgan 

AWI (UPPER CHITRAL): Residents of Awi Lasht continued their protest for the fifth consecutive day on Friday against non-provision of electricity to their village from Dumadoomi powerhouse.

The 500kv has been established by the Sarhad Rural Support Program (SRSP) on river Mastuj. 

The locals of Awi Lasht told ChitralToday that they had the first right on electricity from the powerhouse and in this regard there was also an agreement signed by stakeholders in front of the then assistant commissioner Mastuj at Booni before the start of work in 2014.

The locals also worked on the construction of the powerhouse. Now electricity from the powerhouse is being provided to Booni bypassing the Awi Lasht village, consisting of over 80 houses, they said,

The villagers said their protest continued for the last five days but no responsible official from either the district administration or the SRSP had approached them to resolve their issue.

They called upon the chief executive officer of SRSP to intervene in the matter and ensure supply of electricity to the village without any further delay. 

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