Man arrested for hanging suspected thief upside down

Man arrested for hanging suspected thief upside down

CHITRAL: The Lower Chitral police have arrested a man after a video clip of him hanging a teenage boy upside down from a tree went viral on social media on Monday. 

The incident occurred in Shishi Lasht village on Feb 7 where the boy belonging to the Gujjar tribe was caught on suspicion of stealing chicken from different houses.

In the video made by a bystander, the boy is seen being thrashed and beaten with batons by another man later identified as Amir Fayaz who then goes on to hang him upside down using ropes. The incident took place in presence of both elderly men and young children.

After the video went viral on social media, Lower Chitral District Police Officer (DPO) Sonia Shamroz ordered the police to apprehend Fayaz.

 “On the orders of DPO Lower Chitral, the accused named Amir Fayaz, involved in torturing a young man by setting up his own court (sic), on the allegations of theft, has been rounded up,” said a post on the Facebook page of Lower Chitral police. 


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  1. اسلام میں تو چور کے ہاتھ کاٹنے کا حکم ہے. یہ سزا تو بہت کم ہے. شائد ہم این آر او کے اتنے عادی ہو چکے ہیں کہ کسی کو کوئی بھی سزا ہمیں بری لگتی ہے.

  2. If all thieves are given such punishments, there would be no thefts. Severe punishment to one thief acts as a deterrent to other would be thieves. It would save thousands others from theft. Specially there would be no dacoits who rob the country.

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