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Protest held against killing of Chitrali woman in Punjab

CHITRAL: A protest rally was held in Chitral town against the killing of a Chitrali woman by her Punjabi husband in Chiniot along with her minor daughter a few days back.

The participants of the protest, arranged by Tehreek Tahafuze Chitrali, demanded that the government should hang the killer of the Chitrali woman. They also demanded action against agents involved in marrying Chitrali women to unknown people, especially from Punjab, by taking commission.

The police in Chiniot have arrested the man after he killed his Chitrali wife along with his seven-month-old daughter. The 24-year-old Chitrali woman was the third wife of the Chiniot man. His first wife was also allegedly murdered by him while the second took khula after being repeatedly tortured.

The protesters said local agents were involved in arranging marriages of Chitrali women, sometimes underage girls, with outsiders by taking commission. Most of the marriages end up in break ups and deaths of the women.

Despite efforts made by the local administration, police and civil society, people from outside marry local women after hoodwinking the parents. There have been a number of incidents in which Chitrali women were either tortured or murdered by their husband in Punjab and KP provinces. 

Meanwhile, a similar protest was also held in Booni in which the participants condemned the murder of the Chitrali woman.


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