Water entering road poses threat to commuters

Water flowing into road poses threat to commuters

Sher Afgan

RESHUNUN: Negligence to fix a minor issue sometimes could lead to a major incident if left unattended.

Commuters travelling on Chitral-Mastuj road told ChitralToday that water was flowing into the road from Raghen Gol due to blockages on its way.

The water then gets frozen at night and makes the road muddy at daytime.

This issue has been creating problems for road users for many weeks but no one is there to remove the blockades in the stream to make way for the water to flow down its natural course without entering the road.

A few days ago, the road remained blocked at the same place when a loaded vehicle got stuck in the mud.

The commuters regretted that the government has become so callous that it does not bother to resolve public issues even when it could be done without needing any resources.



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  1. Few steps back of the same location we have lost many precious lives due to negligence of authority to build a minor protectives wall. It seems human life is worthless and the concerned department is waiting for such more incidents.

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