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‘Sharafat’ of Chitralis manifested in Lowari Tunnel project

Dear Sir,
I had lodged a complaint on citizen’s portal about the uncalled for blocking of the Lowari tunnel for passenger vehicles at frequent intervals throughout the day. The response I have received is the revelation that the Lowari Tunnel is STILL INCOMPLETE: as  “the major electric and mechanical works are not yet done because of ….”, says the reply.

Work on the tunnel had started in September 2005 and it was inaugurated by the Prime Minister in July 2017. Any sane person would wonder how can the tunnel still remain incomplete with “the major work that is Electric and mechanical works are not yet done because of … “.  I think this is nothing else but the manifestation of the ‘Chitrali Sharafat Syndrome’.   

Fawad Ali Shah\

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  1. Ahmad says

    This must be some rare photo of the tunnel inside, because whenever I have passed through the tunnel have found it pitch dark.

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