Patwari sacked, tehsildar demoted

Patwari sacked, tehsildar demoted

CHITRAL: A patwari was terminated and a tehsildar of land settlement department demoted for tampering with land record and divulging details of land documents to people without approval of the competent authority.

A source told this correspondent that the officials involved in tampering with the documents were identified as tehsildar Ihasanullah and patwari Qadir.

A man were found involved in fabricating a document about proprietorship of a piece of land in Chitral town where a big hotel was being built.

He said the piece of land had been sold thrice and its possession delivered before it was bought by the present owner who possessed valid documents of its ownership. 

However, another party contested it on the basis of documents provided by the two officials keeping the settlement officer in dark about it.

The source said that the officer came to know about the case only when a local court gave stay order against the ongoing work on the site.

He said that an inquiry had also been ordered against the tehsildar in several other identical cases on the complaint of aggrieved people who alleged land record tampering. 


Published in Dawn on Jan 7, 2020. Read story at source

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  1. Settlement Officer Chitral is highly appreciated for taking the bold step and giving punishment to those who allegedly tempered valuable records for their ulterior motives.
    If such punitive step is taken against culprits then no government servant would dare to do corrupt practice. Community members are also requested to complain against corrupt elements who are sitting in government departments and making money at the cost of nation.
    There should be zero tolerance for corrupt officials who are sitting in any department.
    Secondly, responsible officer of the department should also take action if complain against official is raised by public. Through this practice we as a nation can get rid of corruption which is eating our country like termite.
    Shabash Settlement Officer, keep it up and demonstrate zero tolerance for corrupt officials of your department.

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