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SRSP asked to make new powerhouse functional

SRSP asked to make new powerhouse functional

BOONI: Representatives of different localities in Booni on Monday held a meeting and expressed their concerns and disappointment over delay to lay transmission lines from a powerhouse established at Domadoomi in Awi by SRSP to provide electricity to Booni.

The participants of the meeting asked the management of SRSP to resolve the issue by Jan 11, otherwise the locals would be compelled to protest the inordinate delay in making the powerhouse functional.

They said work on the powerhouse was launched in 2014 and it was expected to become operational in nine months with the total cost of Rs40 million. However, the project got delayed and the powerhouse was completed at a cost of Rs110 million last year.

Even after the passage of so many months, the transmission lines have not been laid to Booni, and hence the consumers are without electricity.

The local people approached the authorities of the SRSP as well as the district administration to ensure the powerhouse is made functional to resolve the power crisis but to no avail, the participants of the meeting regretted. 

The meeting was held at a local hotel and attended by former nazim Ehsanur Rehman, Tehreek Huqooq-e-Awam senior vice president Sultan Nigah, Pervez Lal, social worker Mazharuddin, former nazim Booni 2 Salamat Khan, former BLSO president Zaheeruddin Babar, social worker Mr Noor, youth counsellor Sahib Wali Khan and others.   


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