Senior positions occupied by juniors in post offices


CHITRAL: Low-grade officials are occupying higher posts in posts offices of Chitral, while six outside mail runners are drawing their salary sitting at home, thus affecting the service delivery.

A knowledgeable source told Dawn that a lady junior clerk of grade 9 had been posted as the assistant superintendent (AS) in Chitral, which is a grade-14 post. He said either a senior postmaster was promoted to the post or fresh graduates were appointed through competitive examinations.

He said the posting of a ministerial staffer on an administrative position was a gross violation of the rules of Pakistan Post.

He said the office of AS had been in Chitral town, the district headquarters, but the occupant was performing duty at the Drosh town post office, which is situated in the southern-most corner of the district. 

He claimed that a postman of grade 5 was occupying the position of postmaster (grade-11) in the Mastuj post office.

The source added that six outside mail runners of grade 2 were reportedly drawing their salaries from different post offices of Chitral, where they were posted four years ago, while performing duties in their respective villages in Upper and Lower Dir and Swat.

“The transportation and delivery system of the department is badly affected due to the unavailability of mail runners,” he said.–Dawn

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