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Awi residents demand jeep-able bridge at Domadoomi

Awi residents demand jeep-able bridge at Domadoomi

Sher Afgan

AWI (UPPER CHITRAL): People of Awi on Sunday called upon the KP government to construct a jeep-able bridge over Mastuj river at Domadoomi to connect their village with other parts of the district.

A large number of elders and youth of Awi held a meeting at the residence of Amir Hakim with Sultan Wazir in the chair and through a resolution demanded the construction of the bridge.

They called upon chief minister’s special assistant Wazirzada to take up the matter with the authorities concerned and fulfill their longstanding demand.

They said for over 40 years when the main Chitral-Mastuj road was diverted towards the Parwak side, the people of Awi have been demanding construction of bridge to link their village to the main road.

With the start of human settlements at Dumadoomi after the supply of water to the area through a siphon, the need of a bridge was felt more as people of Awi own agricultural land across the river.

They have to transport agricultural products and other goods from Dumadoomi to Awi via Booni by paying Rs5,000 fare which could be as low a Rs500 if a bridge is constructed over the river.

The resolution said a bridge in front of Awi would also facilitate people of Mastuj, Laspur and Yarkhun in travelling to Booni, the headquarters of the new Upper Chitral district, by reducing the distance.

The participants of the meeting said Awi has remained the most backward area mainly because it is cut-off from rest of Chitral due to absence of a bridge in front of it.

The residents said Wazirzada has rendered invaluable services for Chitral and expressed the hope that he would play his role in getting their genuine demand fulfilled through the provincial government. 

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