American hunts down longest-horned markhor

American kills markhor with 44-inch-long horns

CHITRAL: An American citizen, Edward Joseph Hudson, hunted down a long-horned Markhor in the Toshi Shasha conservation area in Chitral on Jan 2, said the deputy commissioner office. 

District Forest Officer (Wildlife) Lower Chitral Altaf Ali Shah said the hunted Markhor was 10 years old and its horns were 44 inches long.

The US hunter paid $88,000 for the trophy-hunting permit and  80pc of the trophy hunting fee will go to the community. 

On Dec 17, 2020, American trophy hunter Joseph Bradford hunted a Kashmiri markhor using a bow at the Toshi Shasha Markhor conservancy on Dec 17, 2020.

4 Replies to “American kills markhor with 44-inch-long horns”

  1. The should have invited tourists to witness a 44 inch long horn Markhor . Several hundred would come to see every year, promoting tourism, however the area government opted for easy money. They cut the belly of the hen that would have given golden eggs year after year. PTV could have made a documentary, sold it for more than $80,000. But no, easy money and brain drain won. Pathetic.

  2. Why do we have to kill for a thrill. Primitive man would do it for food, why we? Does the hunted animal have a chance to fight back? There couldn’t be a more disgusting word in the dictionary than “Trophy hunting”.

    جس کی جیسی نیت وھ ویسی کہانی رکھتا ھے
    کوئی پرندوں کے لئے بندوق تو کوئی پانی رکھتا ھے

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