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Govt asked to start work on UoC at Saeedabad

CHITRAL: Political and social figures from Drosh and Ayun on Saturday called on the government to start work on establishment of University of Chitral at Saeedabad near Drosh without further delay.

They also asked the government to vacate the building at Seenlasht currently housing the university for establishment of a technical college.

Geologists term proposed site for UoC unfeasible

The participants of the meeting rejected all arguments of those opposing the site for the university. They said that during the previous government of the PTI, a team of engineers had searched for a site for the university and declared Saeedabad suitable in all aspects.

After soil testing and completing all other requirements, funds were released and the land was acquired.

The meeting also decided to form a committee to take up the issue with higher government authorities to ensure the establishment of the university at Saeedabad.

They said the opposition to the proposed site by some people was bringing a huge loss to Chitral and delayed the establishment of the university.

The meeting, chaired by Khursheed Ali Khan, was attended by Inayatullah Aseer, Salahuddin Toofan, Rehmat Elahi, Abuzar Ghafari, Haji Ghulam Ahmed, Abid Khan, Habibur Rehman, Sarwar Kamal and others.

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  1. Khalid Ahmed Khan says

    Majority decision is the best solution. I am positive there should be referendum to get the issue of UoC controversy resolved once for all.

    The pressure group should not be allowed to hijack the university. Building university at Saeedabad would be no different than shifting District Headquarters Hospital Chitral to Broghil by depriving majority of the people of their right.

    The getleman who has been quite active in these days for a university should be told to make efforts for getting some primary schools sanctioned thru Wazirzada in some areas of Saeedabad as that’s what needed the MOST there than building castles for a university. Period.

    We the people of upper Chitral will not allow building of a university at the bank of Lowari tunnel as Saeedabad means Lowari tunnel.

    To be frank, the university is the right of upper Chitral, but as we the people of upper Chitral are large hearted and well educated people compared to fellow Chitralis in lower district may not press the issie if it is built in Chitral town. But in case of Saeedabad things will get worse.

    Let me be loud and clear: there will be strong resistance from upper Chitral if the university is built at the desert of Saeedabad as this site is only feasible for a graveyard and not building a university.

    The people of Chitral especially those living in Drosh, Shishi Koh, Sweer, Gahiret, Naghar, Ziarat, Mirkhani, Kalkatak, etc. are in DIRE NEED of a land for a graveyard so this site is best feasible for a graveyard. Let us join hands with people of these areas so that Saeedabad would be allocated to them for graveyard.

  2. Abdullah Jan says

    The government MUST NOT waste its time by starting work at the faulty and geologically unfeasible proposed site for University of Chitral. Constructing a university at Saeedabad which is few kilometres away from Dir is NOT going to benefit the people of Chitral especially those living in far flung areas of upper Chitral.

    The reason why a handful people are pressing for construction of UoC at Saeedabad are NOT sincere with majority of the students who, will definitely be deprived of getting education at their door steps if the university, God forbid, is built at Saeedabaad. I would rather request authorities to arrange some buses for the students interested in getting admission at UoC. I am sure this is the best solution.

    Also, there is a need to hold a referendum and majority decision should be implemented without paying any heed to the pressure tactics by some quarters.

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