ANP condemns controversy over university site

Controversy over UoC site causing huge loss to Chitral: ANP

DROSH: The Awami National Party (ANP) said controversy surrounding the site for the University of Chitral has already caused a loss of billions of rupees to Chitral besides delaying the construction for the building for years.

 A meeting of the party with Nusrat Azad in the chair here condemned all those who were making the selected site for the university controversial, said a press release.

They said the 166 kanals at Saeedabad near Drosh was purchased for the new university at a cost of Rs90 million. The payment was made after soil testing declared the land safe, said the participants of the meeting.

They said due to the delay in the initiation of the construction work, Rs2.5 funds allocated for the project lapsed.

Had the funds been utilized, the construction of a spacious building for the University of Chitral would have completed by now, they added.

The ANP leaders asked the government to save the vital project for Chitral and without further delay start work on it.

They said the ANP was going to convene an all-party meeting at Saeedabad on Jan 2 in which a future course of action would be deiced to save the university project.


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