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NHA completes survey of Dir-Chitral motorway

ISLAMABAD: The National Highway Authority (NHA) has completed a survey of the proposed Dir-Chitral Motorway.

In a statement, the NHA said there would be four interchanges and four  tunnels on the 30-km-long motorway.

The longest tunnel is five kilometers which will be constructed in the Ouch mountain.
A team from National Engineering Services Pakistan (Nespak)  completed the survey and feasibility report for the motorway between Dir and Chitral.
“It will be discussed with the KP government and soon stakeholders will agree on the feasibility report,” said the NHA.

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  1. Mohammad Zubair.Mir says

    Plzz need moer info when he stret….

  2. Engr Abbas khan says

    Great job as the same will link Pakistan with the central Asia and china and will benefit the whole country. Such projects are of extreme national importance and needs to be completed on priority. thanks

  3. Rizwan says

    Excellant project for Malakand Division peoples.
    Very very great.
    Long live Pakistan thanks to NHA.
    Engr Rizwan Malakand.

  4. Salim says

    It is Dir-Dir motorway. However it will also benefit Chitral collaterally, but certainly not Chitral motorway.

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