caging animals

Caging animals

Wg-Cdr (r) Fardad Ali Shah

In earlier times, people could only watch rare and exotic animals in zoos. Now when we can watch them in 3D on our TV screens, do we need to have zoos anymore?

Zoos are to animals what prisons are to human beings, with the only exception being that humans are put in prison for committing crimes, while animals are caged in a zoo for no fault of their own. Should we need to imprison animals into misery for sheer pleasure and entertainment of human beings?

In this age of advancement and all sorts of entertainment available, why should we hold onto the legacy of men against animals which once was the case in Rome where gladiators fought the beasts in the coliseums? We now have zoos where we have caged animals for our pleasure.

In the past, it used to be a swift and decisive show where the animal had its chance of winning the fight, while the zoo is lifelong torture for the animals.

In the name of human compassion and a sensible world today, all zoos across the world should be closed down and animals should be released into their natural habitat.

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