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Geologists term proposed site for Chitral varsity unfeasible

CHITRAL: The site selected for the construction of University of Chitral campus in Syed Abad area near Drosh town has been termed unfeasible for such an important project as the region is hazard-prone and lacks basic infrastructure facilities.

Putting in place the required infrastructure will lead to a 27 per cent increase in the overall cost of the project, according to a report compiled by a group of geologists and civil engineers.

The field geological and technical report compiled by consultants hired by the university has noted a number of serious technical hitches, which could render the land unfeasible for construction of a mega project costing billions of rupees.

The report observed that upper reaches of the terrace across the Chitral Road were prone to geological hazards like landslides, which could damage the infrastructure in future. 

Due to the architectural and structural design of the proposed area and the undulant ground condition the substructure design will be mostly consist of stepped and raft foundations which will increase the cost and completion period of the project, the report noted.

For the protection of the proposed building from seismic, river and hillside hazards, additional protective structures like retaining, berm and breast walls will be constructed, and for achieving the sound and leveled ground for construction, a major area of the plot will require cut and fill with appropriate material, which will also add to the cost and prolong the duration of the construction activity.

An existing public playground in the middle of the plot and a local community graveyard on the south side will seriously affect the geometry of the proposed project’s architectural design, the report pointed out.

It said that of the total 166 kanals of land about 40 kanals consisting of a steep slope towards Chitral River were unusable, thus reducing the total land for the project to 126 kanals for leveling. 

The report further mentioned that the 132KV transmission line towers of Golen Gol hydropower project passing through the plot will be a constant hindrance for the current and future development of the project.

The report also noted unavailability of Internet, electricity and water in the area, which will need huge investments to be developed.

The report also pointed out that the anterior side of the plot towards the roadside was a private property of the people, and the southern side of the plot was subject to erosion by the Chitral River.

The report further observed that since the area was at a distance of 26 kilometres from the Chitral city a majority of the students would have to travel more than 52 kilometres daily to and from the university. 


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