Chitrali police officer appointed SHO in Islamabad

Chitrali police officer appointed SHO in Islamabad

Zulfiqar Ahmad

ISLAMABAD: Chitrali police officer Fazle Khaliq of Capital Territory Police (CTP) was appointed on Tuesday as the station house officer (SHO) of Karachi Company.

Sub-Inspector Khaliq is the first ever police officer from Chitral in the history of Islamabad police to be appointed as an SHO. Mr Khaliq joined the Islamabad Police in 2005 as an assistant sub-inspector and was promoted to the rank of sub-inspector in September this year.

The Chitrali community living in the federal capital lauded the appointment of Mr Khaliq as an SHO of a very important police station as he is known for helping his people in times of need and fighting crime.

He holds a masters degree in Political Science from University of Peshawar and comes from Rayeen village of Torkhow in Upper Chitral.

10 Replies to “Chitrali police officer appointed SHO in Islamabad”

  1. Congrats, Well deserving person.
    I personally know him he is very competent and hard working guy.
    Hope he will gain more success in future IN SHA ALLAH.

  2. Oh that’s wonderful. Fazal is a competent officer and reached the important post through his professionalism and hard work.

  3. I indeed a great news our proud brother having a great rank islamabad police i expressed my best wishes to our great son to coutinue his good service with great pleasure with all humans

  4. Great to hear this. He belongs to a respectable family of Rayeen Torkhow. A lot congratulations to him and his family.

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