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Students from Chitral hold protest rally

Students from Chitral hold protest rally in Peshawar

PESHAWAR: Students from Chitral on Saturday held a protest demonstration outside Peshawar Press Club demanding action against Peshawar University management and campus police for manhandling them a day earlier.

They alleged that the university administration and police misbehaved and harassed representatives of students and locked them up for four hours in the campus police station for demanding permission to stay in hostels during the closure of the university due to the rising corona cases.

The students were of the view that the government itself had directed educational institutions to allow 30 percent of students, especially from remote areas, to stay on in the hostels during the closure period.

The students said most of them have to complete their incomplete assignments and needed to stay in the hostels.

Moreover, they would not be able to attend online classes back home due to unavailability of internet.

The protesters chanted slogans outside the press club and then held a rally to the Governor House. 

They called for action against senior university and police officials and permission to students from Chitral to stay in their hostels. 

Officials in the Governor House met the students and informed them that the governor was out of the city. The students were told to come on Monday. They were assured that their issues would be resolved.

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