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Chitrali students put behind bars in Peshawar

Chitrali students put behind bars in Peshawar

BOONI: A group of students from Chitral were manhandled and handed over to police by the administration of Peshawar University on Friday.

Ataur Rehman, one of the university students, told ChitralToday on phone that the government has announced that 30pc of students belonging to remote areas where there is no internet facility could continue staying in hostels during the closure of educational institutions.

He said the Chitrali students held a protest against the closure of the hostels at the Peshawar University on Thursday.

The university administration called the students to a meeting during on Friday which the officials abruptly asked them to leave.

The students were manhandled and pushed out of the meeting. Later, he added, the university administration called the police.

The police shifted the students and put them behind bars for four hours. Later, the students were set free on the intervention of higher authorities and allowed to stay in the hostels.–Sher Afgan Raza

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