Handing over of TB diagnostic machine to AKHS opposed

Handing over of TB diagnostic machine to AKHS opposed

CHITRAL: The president of Chitral Doctors Forum (CDF), Dr Asif Ali Shah, has opposed handing over of a gene Xpert machine of the District Headquarters (DHQ) Hospital to the Aga Khan Health Service, Chitral.

Gene Xpert is a new test for tuberculosis. It can find out if a person is infected with TB, and also if the TB bacterium of the person has resistance to one of the common TB drugs.

In a statement, Dr Shah said TB patients from across Chitral visit the DHQ hospital where their tests are conducted on the machine and then they are provided medicines free of cost.

During the current year, 1,400 TB patients were diagnosed with TB on this machine at the DHQ hospital after which they are on treatment and would need more tests during their follow-up visits.

He said if the lone machine of the hospital is handed over to the private organization, the free of cost treatment of TB patients in Chitral would come to a standstill and the consequences can be dangerous. 

Dr Shah was of the view that the machine should be retained at the DHQ hospital and the government should arrange another machine for the AKHS, Chitral, so that timely diagnosis and treatment of the needy TB patients could continue to tackle with the endemic.


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