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30pc of Rs540m allocated for rehabilitation projects released: Wazirzada

30pc of funds for rehabilitation projects released: Wazirzada

CHITRAL: The provincial government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has so far released 30 per cent of funds estimated for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of road and irrigation infrastructure works across Chitral.

This was stated by chief minister’s special assistant on minorities’ affairs Mr Wazirzada at a meeting with local government officials held at the DC office here.

He said Chief Minister Mehmood Khan had promised funds for the rehabilitation and development works during his visits to Chitral and now has fulfilled his promise by releasing the needed funds. But some officials were creating hindrances in timely completion of the projects claiming that there were no funds released by the government.

He said if in future any government official is found creating misunderstanding among the public legal action would be initiated against them.

Giving details of the projects and allocated funds, Wazirzada said the chief minister had approved a total of Rs540 million for the rehabilitation projects across Chitral and 30pc of the amount has been released.

These projects included construction of roads, bridges damaged by floods, protection bunds and removal of flood debris in Yarkhun Lasht, Charun, Zondrangram, Brep, Reshun, Kuragh in Upper Chitral on which Rs 7.22 million are being spent.

He said Rs1.4 million would be spent on different schemes in lower Chitral, including Rs50 million on reconstruction of irrigation canals and Rs50 million of construction of protection bunds in the Kalash valleys.

Moreover, Rs20.8 million will be spent on rehabilitation work in the flood-hit Golen valley, Rs10.40 million on the rehabilitation of a water supply network on Drosh, Rs20 million on channelization in Drosh while Rs10 mllion would be spent in Molen Gol and 10.5 million in Orghoch village.

Besides, Rs60 million would be spent on the construction of a protection bund in reshun Gol, Upper Chitral, Rs60 million on protecting Reshun village from erosion by the Mastuj river, he said, adding Rs10.5 million have been allocated for the reconstruction of irrigation channels damaged by floods in Reshun.

Mr Wazirzada said Rs6 million have also been approved for reconstruction 18 water channels in Zait village, Rs6 million for water channels of Kuragh, Rs10 million for Green Lasht and Zait irrigation channel, Rs10 million for a protection bund in Yarkhun Lasht, Rs10 million for removal of flood debris from Dizg/Khruzg Gol in Yarkhun, Rs20 million for protection walls in Chikar Gol Jamlasht in Brep

He also said that Rs5 million were also released for the installation of the emergency steel bridge on a flooded nullah in Reshun to restore traffic between Upper and Lower Chitral.o

Other schemes are: Charun Gol Doke Tek bund, Rs10 million, protection bunds along rivers in Torkhow and Mulkhow Rs2.50m, Booni Gol channelization and restoration, Rs20m, rehabilitation of Kuragh bridge Rs20m, Booni-Awi road reconstruction, Rs10m, Nichagh-Ovir road Rs8m and Khuz Gol channelization Rs10m. –Muhkam Uddin Ayuni


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