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PIA engineers responsible for 2016 ATR crash: report

'Crashed ATR plane was faulty since 2013'

LAHORE: The investigation report of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane crash near Havelian has been released after nearly four years of the crash.

The report has held PIA engineers responsible for the crash which killed 48 passengers.

A fractured turbine blade triggered a “complicated” sequence of failures that culminated in the fatal Havelian PIA crash in 2016, the investigators have said in the report.

The report said one engine of the aircraft failed during the flight while the blade of the other engine had fractured during the previous flight (Peshawar to Chitral).

It said the aircraft was allowed to proceed on next flight despite the fractured blade. The report also revealed that engine overhaul of the plane was postponed despite completion of 10,000 hours.


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