Volunteers start repairing road in Yarkhun valley


BANG: People of different villages started repairing the main Yarkhun road on self-help basis from Pavur village towards Bang.

Like all other roads in Chitral, the dirty track from Booni to Broghil via the Yarkhun valley has not been repaired by the government for decades. The local people first repaired the road on a self-help basis in Nov 2017 before the visit to Booni of His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan to meet his followers in Dec that year.

Since then, the volunteers under the Ismaili Local Council of Bang have been repairing the road in November and December every rear.

Local residents told ChitralToday that this year the repair of the road has started from Pavur village towards Bang. They said the repair work was being carried out by volunteers led by Ziarat Baig.

It is expected that people of Brep, Mastuj, Parwak and Booni would also start repairing the road in their respective areas soon.


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  1. Nizar yaftali says

    Appreciable volunteers of Power Yarkhoon .

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