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Tehsildar tests positive for coronavirus

BOONI: After tehsildar Mastuj Rabnawaz Khan was found infected with the coronavirus, assistant commissioner Saqlain and his staff got themselves tested for the virus.

A statement issued from the office of the deputy commissioner Upper Chitral said the voluntary testing by the officials was aimed at encouraging the citizens to got tested and go in isolation in case of developing symptoms of the coronavirus.

It said carelessness to follow the precautions could lead to the fast spread of the virus.

It said in case anyone develops the symptoms of Covid-19 such as fever, cough, flu etc., they should go for the test which is being conducted by the government free of cost.

Moreover, without waiting for the results the suspected patient should isolate himself from others.

It has been learnt that most of the locals do not follow the precautions, leading to fast spread of the virus.

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