Young man commits suicide

Female college student commits suicide

Zulfiqar Ahmad

ISLAMABAD: A female student of Government Girls Degree College (GGDC) Chitral committed suicide by jumping into a river after failing to qualify her BS programme’s first semester exam conducted by the University of Chitral (UoC).

The 22-year-old from Brok village of Laspur was was informed by one of her class fellows about the exam results after which she committed suicide by jumping into the river in her village on Thursday.

Taking to ChitralToday, Muhammad Dinar, a cousin of the girl, alleged that Chitral University “intentionally” fails students after which they are automatically dropped out from colleges and some of them take admission in the university.

Mr Dinar, who himself works for the Langlands School and College Chitral as lecturer in English, said the university is at its infancy due to which the exams conducted by it could not be called ‘fair and transparent’.

He said he would approach court against the University of Chitral as its administration is playing with the lives of students through a “flawed” examination system.

Talking to ChitralToday, Principal Govt Girls Degree College Prof Musarrat Jabeen said the deceased girl had passed the ‘sessional and mid-term’ tests conducted by the college but could not clear the exam undertaken by the university.

She said the deceased was a good student but colleges affiliated with the UoC could not question its examination system as it is an autonomous body. 

The principal said that last year two girls doing BS after completing their seminary education were declared failed in Islamiat which was quite shocking for them as they had cleared their mathematics and English papers.

However, she said some of the students who could not pass the exam do avail the option of rechecking and re-evaluation of their papers in some cases by paying Rs1,200 to the university per subject.

The project director of UoC, Dr Badsha Munir, could not be reached for comments despite repeated attempts on his cell phone.


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2 Replies to “Female college student commits suicide”

  1. Deeply saddened, May Allah grant her soul highest rank in eternal life and give the family patience to endure the loss.. AMEEN

    As I know she was a brilliant student with excellent acedamic records. It is extremely shocking and difficult to believe that she failed her exams. We do accept that failures are part of life but if the above mentioned description about the Uni of Chitral is the reason behind this suicide then the high authorities must take an active action to give justice to student. Suicide attempts are increasing incredibly inside Chitral, and this issue need serious consideration by all the parents and high authorities .

  2. Heartbreaking news! 😥

    The newstory seems to be lacking authentic information and investigation. It is because, the Chitral University offered admissions to BS students in October 2017, and the pioneer batch of BS students affiliated with the University of Chitral are at 6th Semester now. If this bechari unfortunate student was at 7th semester and failed the same, then her program cannot be affiliated with University of Chitral. She could be affiliated with SBBU Sheringal, not with UoCh. If she was at any semester below 6th, only then she may have taken her exams under University of Chitral.
    I would request the reporter and editor of this esteemed paper to please do further investigation and publish authentic story.

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