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Patwaris threaten protest sit-in outside DC office

CHITRAL: Representatives of patwaris working in the revenue department of Lower Chitral have said they would hold a protest sit-in outside the DC office if five vacant posts of patwaris were filled through test and interview by advertising the posts in newspapers.

Speaking at a press conference, Anjuman Patwarian and Qanungoyian president Qadir Aman said patwari is a technical post different from other government jobs and its hiring procedure was defined in the land record manual. Under this procedure, if a post of a patwari falls vacant at the tehsil level it is filled by interviewing the staff already working in the department.

But instead of following the procedure, the DC Lower Chitral is trying to make the inductions by holding a test and interview through an AC after advertising the vacant posts just because to accommodate the brother of a blue-eyed officer.

He said in 2017 when the then DC Chitral advertised some posts of patwaris in newspapers, the Anjuman challenged it in Peshawar High Court (PHC) which decided in its (Anjuman’s) favour.

Now the DC in order to accommodate the brother of a blue-eyed officer is trying to fill the posts through a test and interview by advertising the posts which is not acceptable for the Anjuman.

He said the matter was also discussed with the DC through the settlement officer Chitral but now the DC has backtracked from his assurance.


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  1. Inayatullah Khan says

    …isn’t there anyone to tell these duffer patwaris that their monopoly, blackmailing, and stupidity are some of the things we want to get rid?? For how how long this corrupt will blackmail in order to achieve to fill their coffers like they have been doing so long? What an illiterate patwari has do with the a post being technical and no-technical? They should be sent to the prison without any further delay as we can not tolerate this corrupt tola any more.

    I would urge both DC and the district settlement officer (who is a friend) to tighten the noose around these blackmailers. We have already complained at PM Portal about these people holding presser to blackmail the admin and I am sure sooner or later their job contract will also be terminated, as their sole intention to influence the government to achieve their sinister motive – BLACKMAILING.

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