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British royal couple’s visit enhanced Chitral’s popularity

CHITRAL: Local people associated with tourism sector say Pakistan was listed among the top travel destinations for 2020 by United Kingdom after the visit of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to Chitral in October last year.

They said the advisory to the tourists issued by the British authorities declaring Pakistan a safe tourist destination in the wake of the royal couple’s visit to the country released the bottleneck since the war against terrorism was launched two decades ago.

Shahzada Sirajul Mulk, the member of Prime Minister’s Task Force on Tourism, said the successful visit of the British royal couple erased the misperception about Pakistan. He said the visit of the British high commissioner to Chitral in October exactly one year after the visit of the royal couple further strengthened the notion about the area leading to attract tourists.

The founding president of Chitral Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Sartaj Ahmed Khan, said the visit of the royal couple and the high commissioner to Chitral changed its position and made it again the most cherished destination for the tourists.–Zahiruddin

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