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Split by a warrior’s sword?

This huge stone is located at the border between Upper Chital and Lower Chitral near Reshun. In the local language, this stone is called “Khongor Diru Bokht (sword-hit stone).

Myth associated with the stone is that during the medieval ages a powerful worrier had cut it into pieces with his sword. To the north of this stone is located Upper Chitral while to the south lies Lower Chitral.

Moreover, towards the south starts a beautiful lash and green valley of Barenis, a part of Lower Chitral.

Towards the north, the historically famous village of Reshun is located which falls in the limits of Upper Chitral district. Additionally, the area is also considered to be the centre of ancient folk tales. It is believed that the area once remained under the ancient of Chinese dynasties.

On the west of the stone across the river lies another big stone with ancient Chinese inscription on it. Archaeologists have tried to interpret the writing on the stone as “A gift from Jaya Varman to the Gods.”

According to historians, Jaya Varman was a Chinese ruler in the 4th BCE. Predominantly, it is believed that this region remained under his rule. However, there are different folk stories about the Khongor Diru Boht created and disseminated into Chitrali culture.

Though some folk tales sound to be mythical and fabricated, the importance of the stone is still intact in modern Chitral.–Anila Sahil

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  1. Imtiaz Booni says

    These are superstitions to say that the stone was cut into two by any strong man etc etc. the writer should have gone through a geology or geography book to know how rocks and mountain undergo disintegration due to different factors such as weathering with passage of time.
    Read some lines at this link

    Imtiaz Booni

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