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Villagers vacate pastures for conservation of markhors

CHITRAL: The village conservation communities of Gahiret Gol community-managed area have vacated its pasture of domestic goats for the conservation of markhor.

The people of Gahiret village have realised that the two species – markhor and domestic goat – cannot exist together as the domestic goats were influencing the downfall of the markhor population.

The goats used to carry disease and overgraze the feeding area of the markhors. The domestic goats were also a leading factor for causing flash floods. Moreover, domestic goats also destroyed the jungle area by exhausting vegetation and nullifying the soil which led to major flooding.

A few troublemakers are still a hindrance in conservation efforts as they refused to abandon keeping their goats. The village coomunities are working day and night to also resolve the issue.

Millions of rupees are being distributed to 12 conservation-managed villages from Gahiret to Golen due to the trophy hunting programme.

The funds are used to support education and different developmental projects in the villages. The government treasury also gets 20 percent from the trophy fees.

In order to save this precious animal the village conservation communities are determined and are setting an excellent example that projects the image of chitral internationally and locally on positive note.

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