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French NGO ACTED urged to extend operation in Chitral

BANG (YARKHUN): The French humanitarian organization, ACTED, is winding up its operations in Chitral after carrying out lots of works during its 18-month-stay in the area.
French NGO urged to extend operation in Chitral Bridge installed over Chumarkhan stream in Upper Chitral by ACTED, a French NGO.
ACTED, formerly Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development, has been supporting vulnerable populations around the world since its inception in 1993.
It came to Pakistan in 1995 and actively worked in the KP and Sindh provinces.
In Upper Chitral, ACTED worked in the three union councils of Kosht, Oveer and Yarkhun.
Residents of Yarkhun told ChitralToday that the NGO carried out different welfare works in their area within the short period of time.
The main project it executed was the installation of a steel bridge over the Chumarkhan stream on Booni-Yarkhun road between Chapali and Kargin villages. Due to flooding in the stream in the summers, the commuters remained stuck and faced lots of problems.
Despite repeated appeals and severity of the problems, no government bothered to construct a bridge over the stream.
The French NGO spent about Rs7 million and opened the bridge over Chumarkhon stream a few days before winding up its operations in Chitral.
Moreover, ACTED constructed water tanks in different villages to provide drinking water to the residents. It also developed community-based disaster risk management units in 16 village clusters in Yarkhun.
It imparted training to local people on how to deal with the aftermath of natural calamities and also provided the villager clusters essential equipment as well as tents, ladders etc.
Interestingly, ACTED also trained 40 local youth on the preparation of jams from apples and other fruits and provided Rs50,000 to each of the trainees.
Computer and mobile repairing training was also imparted to local people, including women, Besides, 20 unemployed youth of Yarkhun were taught carpentry and provided with necessary utensils.
The NGo also helped local people during the COVID-19 pandemic and provided cash to the poor coronavirus patients. The locals said the NGO also supplied fertilizer and seeds of vegetables and wheat to the farmers,
The local people appealed to the government to negotiate with the authorities of ACTED to extend its operations in Chitral for the benefit of the locals.

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