Don’t spread rumours about corona, say Madak Lasht elders

DROSH: Elders of Madak Lasht have said rumours about the outbreak of COVID-19 in their area have created anxiety among the local people.

In a statement, they said during a random checking of residents, 20 locals tested positive for COVID-19 last month.

The district administration of Lower Chitral and the health department approached the elders and after a meeting they decided to go for a smart lockdown in the affected areas.

The residents of Madak Lasht fully cooperated with the administration in implementing the lockdown.

Moreover, the local people were following the COVID-19 standard operating procedures (SOPs) to contain the spread of the virus.

Because of the joint efforts made by the locals and the district administration and the health department, further spread of the virus has been contained, they added.

The presser was issued by Aga Khan Local Council president Ahmed Nazir, former tehsil council member Sher Nazir, ex-naib nazim Sarfaraz Shah, former village council nazims Qazi Khurshid and Sardar Alam.

They said some people took to social media and created an impression that coronavirus has affected the whole area.

This unauthenticated claim caused fears and anxiety among the locals.

After confirmation of 20 positive cases, the district administration imposed a smart lockdown in the affected houses and now the situation is under control, they said.

The elders said before writing anything about the outbreak of the disease in Madak Lasht the social media users should have contacted the elders of the area.


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