Corona SOPs disregarded during Eid congregations

AYUN: Eidul Azha 2020 was celebrated across Chitral in simplicity with thousands of people attending congregations but disregarding COVID-19 standard operating procedures (SOPs).

The biggest congregation was held at Ayun Eidgah which was led by Molana Kamal Uddin.

Elsewhere too, people offered Eid prayers and sacrificed animals. But the participants disregarded the SOPs devised by the government to check the spread of the virus.

Addressing the gatherings, religious leaders highlighted the significance of the event and the importance of sacrifice.

Molana Kamal Uddin said the rightful recipients of hides of sacrificial animals were students of religious seminaries.

He said proceeds from the sale of the hides could be spent on the education, lodging and boarding of the seminary students most of whom cannot afford acquiring education on their own.

He however was of the view that meat of sacrificial animals can be distributed among non-Muslims as well.

The Molana shed light on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and said millions of Muslims around the could not perform Haj due to the outbreak of the disease this year.

But he said money saved or intended for pergoromg Haj cannot be diverted or spent on any other activity.

He stressed the importance of repentance for one’s sins and said Muslims should always observe Purdah as it was essential in Islam. –Muhkam Uddin Ayuni


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