Girl’s brothers, cousin held in honour killing case


In the Lot Oveer honour killing case, police have arrested two brothers and a cousin of the girl who was murdered along with a young man for honour in May this year.

District Police Officer (DPO) Upper Chitral Zulfiqar Ahmed Tanoli confirmed the arrests to ChitralToday on phone from Booni.

The DPO said suspects were arrested on the basis of evidence.

These evidence include forensic examination of the gun used in the crime and text messages retrieved from mobile phones of deceased.

It was a blind murder case and police had to proceed on the basis of scientific evidence. The police arrested the suspects after collecting sufficient evidence, the DPO added.

Father names suspects

Sources said the slain man’s father has named the three persons as the suspected killers.

The three suspects are now in police custody. They shall be proceeded against in accordance with law. Police will now obtain their remand from court for further investigation.

The bodies of the 18-year-old girl and the 23-year-old man were found dumped in a wooded area of Nichagh village on May 19.   

Sources said police had earlier rounded up scores of people in connection with the honour killing case. But they were let off due to lack of evidence and non-cooperation by the area people.

The sources said police had to rely on evidence because local people were trying to hush up the case. Even none of the close relatives of the girl and the man lodged a case of the double murder.

Moreover, some political figures were pressuring the police to withdraw the FIR lodged on behalf of the state.

The area people also tried to declare the killing of the two persons as suicide even though pictures of the bodies circulating on social media showed marks of tortures.

NCHR takes notice of honour killing

On July 8, the National Commission for Human Rights NCHR) took notice of a report published in ChitralToday and directed the Upper Chitral police to file a report on the Lot Oveer honour killing case.

However, the police have not filed a report with the commission so far.

ChitralToday has learnt that since 2015 this is the seventh murder case in Lot Oveer. Almost in all the cases, police failed to make progress to bring the perpetrators to justice.

The latest case is being investigated by the Booni police. This is because the police station of Lot Oveer lacks basic facilities.

The over 40 officials of the police station have to work and live in tents due to absence of its own building.


Surge of honour killings in Pakistan


6 Replies to “Girl’s brothers, cousin held in honour killing case”

  1. Nothing will happen and even if killers are punished this tribal mentality will prevail. Need is to create awareness and educate people to come to terms with modern day challenges coming from tech revolution. First of all you have to know the value of human life that is over and above everything.

  2. Good police of Upper Chitral and DPO. Make an example of these culprits and if you make a strong case the killers will be punished under the law. This will also make some sense into the head of all those supporting such heinous crimes in name of honor. Moreover, this will earn goon image for police in the eyes of the public.

  3. if police is doing all this and arresting the actual culprits it is highly appreciated bcoz this is what police in developed and civilized countries do. First gather evidence and then arrest a person. Our traditional working of the police is pick up a person and beat him all the night and then ask him to confess. this is the reason confession in police custody is not accepted in court and in most of cases even actual culprits get away with their crime.

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