Chitral University warned against sacking 80 employees

CHITRAL: The University of Chitral is all set to sack 80 contractual employees citing financial constraints, according to former provincial minister and PPP leader Salim Khan.

In a statement, Khan said he had learnt that the administration of the university has decided not to renew the contract of the 80 employees. He said if the employees are sacked, his party would launch a protest against the university.

The Chitral University was established after merging the campuses of Shaheed Benzir Bhutto University (SBBU) and Abdul Wali Khan University in 2017.

The former minister said most of the 80 employees were in low grades and had started their employment at the campus of SBBU.

He said instead of regularizing the services of the employees, the university has decided to send them home which would be tantamount to financial murder of so many families when unemployment and price hike were at its peak.

He called upon the minister for higher education and the governor KP to intervene and restrain the university management from taking any adverse decision against the low-paid employees.–Nazir Hussain Shah

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