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Govt stance on Shandur could create tension in Chitral, GB

BOONI: At a meeting of local notables, political representatives and elders in Booni, the federal government was asked to remove apprehensions created among the people of Chitral regarding its stance on the jurisdiction of the proposed Handarap-Shandur national park.

The participants said people of Chitral and Gilgit-Baltistan have similarities in their cultures, traditions and history and because of the deep-rooted relations have lived in peace for centuries.

But the federal government intentionally or by mistake has created anger among the people of Chitral by showing Shandur as a territorial area of GB.

The meeting was convened by Tehreek Huqooq-e-Awam.

The participants said such a childish move on part of the government and its failure to clarify its blunder can be exploited by elements seeking a chance to ignite tension and create law and order situation in the sensitive region.

They expressed the hope that the government would remove the blunder it made by showing Shandur as a part of GB in the list of the 15 proposed national parks.


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