Selected govt will find no place to hide: Salim Khan

PESHAWAR: Selected government of the PTI will find no place to hide if it goes ahead with its anti-Chitral move of dropping the Chakdara-Chitral expressway project and launching work on Phase II of Swat motorway.

This was stated by PPP leader and former provincial minister Salim Khan at a press conference here.

He said first the selected government of Imran Khan showed Shandur as a territorial part of Gilgit-Baltistan in order to win the forthcoming elections in GB.

Now it is planning to drop the Chakdara-Chitral expressway project to launch the Phase II of Swat motorway.

This is being done at the behest of KP chief minister Mehmood Khan and federal communication minister Murad Saeed who both belong to Swat, he added.

Salim Khan said he was not against constructing any motorway for Swat but dropping a project meant to benefit two million people of four districts – Lower and Upper Dir and lower and upper Chitral – to fund the motorway for Swat would not be tolerated.

He said if the government did not drop its plan of building the Swat motorway Phase II instead of the Chitral expressway people of the four districts would take to streets after Eidul Azha and the selected government would have no place to hide itself from the public anger.

PPP Chitral vice president Engineer Fazle Rabi Jan and information secretary Faisal Javed were also present at the press conference.



3 Replies to “Selected govt will find no place to hide: Salim Khan”

  1. 5 saal wazir or 5 saal MPA reh kr apne gaon Kandu Jal Road ko complete na krne wale Saleem Khan ab kis mu se PTI ko criticize kr rehe hein. Sharam tum ko magar nehi aati

  2. Agree with Saleem sahib on PTI govt transferring the Chakdara road project to Swat. But may I remind him that he was a provincial minister when PM Yusuf Raza Gillani abruptly transferred Lowari tunnel funds to Multan. Did he protest about it? Though two wrongs don’t make a right, but this is a clear case of “kettle calling the plot black”.

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