Three family members, driver die as jeep falls into river

CHITRAL: A woman, her two children and the diver of a Jimny jeep lost their lives in a traffic accident when the vehicle fell into a river near Nishku bridge in Upper Chitral on Saturday.

The husband of the woman was injured in the accident while the couple’s two other children were not accompanying them.

The family was going to Torkhow when their vehicle fell into the Mulkhow river near the bridge, local people told ChitralToday.

The dead bodies of the woman and her daughter have been recovered from the river. The head of the family sustained serious injuries.

Sharafuddin, younger brother of local poet Zakiruddin Zakhmee, was going home from Chitral town along with his wife, a daughter and son.

To avoid the poor road of Torkhow via Istaru, the driver Munir Ahmed Jan opted for the road via Mulkhow.

However, near the Nishku bridge, the Jimny could not ascend the steep road and fell into the river after moving backward.

Police said Mr Sharafuddin was injured while all the other travellers in the jeep, including the driver, lost their lives.

It may be noted that after the collapse of Istaru bridge in March this year, commuters avoid using the road and prefer the Mulkhow side road to travel between Torkhow and other parts of Upper Chitral.

For the last a few years, fatal accidents have become routine due to non-repair or roads and bridges across Chitral.–Muhkam Uddin Ayuni

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