Floods in Golen valley damage houses and roads again

CHITRAL: Houses, shops, a mosque and roads were damaged when flash floods inundated four villages in the Golen valley of Lower Chitral early on Monday.

Rescue 1122 said the villages of Bubaka, Asghor, Golen lower and Roghel have been affected by the floods. It said three houses, three cattle pens, one mosques and shops were damaged.

Former village council nazim Mutiur Rehman said the floods started at 8am on Monday and continued till noon. He said no loss of life was reported but the bridges and roads in the area have been damaged besides the private properties.

Rescue 1122 said its teams have reached the area and were helping the affected people.

In July last year, glacial lake outburst floods (GLOFs) brought destruction to the Golen valley and the locals have still not overcome the impacts of the calamity with water pipelines and roads still not repair and damaged houses waiting for rehabilitation.

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