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Probe urged over ‘recovery’ of drugs from official vehicle

CHITRAL: Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Lower Chitral secretary Fazle Rabi Jan on Sunday said the allegation about the recovery of drugs from the official vehicle of the district zakat committee chairman should be investigated and its details be made public.

In a statement, he said if the allegation turns out to be true, all those responsible behind it should be punished.

And if the allegation was made without any proof, the responsible elements behind it should also be exposed and taken to task in accordance with the law.

It may be mentioned that a social media post alleging that 10 kg charas and 20 bottles of wine have been recovered from the official vehicle of District Zakat Committee Chairman Muhammad Qasim at Bakrabad police checkpost went viral on Sunday.

However, Chitral police station house officer (SHO) Sajjad Hussain rejected the allegation. He said stopping vehicles and checking them at the picket was a routine but no contraband was recovered form the vehicle of the zakat committee chairman.

The SHO also said Shafiqur Rehman, a local leader of the ruling PTI, who was driving the vehicle, visited the police station and lodged his protest over stopping and checking of the official vehicle at the picket.

Later, Shafiqur Rehman told local reporters that he is the joint secretary of the PTI Malakand division labour wing and also works as the personal secretary to the district zakat committee chairman.

He said on Sunday morning he was coming to Chitral town from his home in Atani in the official vehicle of Mr Qasim when a head constable at the Bakrabad picket stopped him and started checking the vehicle.

In the meantime, he added, a group of PTI workers appeared from the opposite side and seeing the official vehicle being checked they stopped and one of them, Shahid Ahmed, was seen filming the police checking the vehicle from his mobile phone.

He said at the same time, PTI Lower Chitral president Sajjad Ahmed had also passed by but without stopping there.

Mr Rehman said there was no charas or any other illicit item in the vehicle but his opponents within the party had tried to tarnish his image by circulating the baseless allegation in the social media.

He said there were differences between Mr Sajjad Ahmed and Mr Qasim, adding the Facebook account from where the post was shared was fake.–Syed Nazir Hussain Shah




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  1. Saif says

    I am just wondering whether it’s even worth mentioning here on this esteemed daily with such a burning headline? When you go into the details it’s evident that there is no proof available as such. Your reporter should know what makes a news story and what is a hearsay. And the funny thing is that it points towards a supposedly personal grudge between two PTI local office holders. Who could be interested in such a meaningless story by the way unless the objective is making a non issue an issue. The PTI boss is known to remain under the influence since decades, does anyone care? We expect better from your reporters Sir!
    For the gentleman who started this on social media first; please come forward if you have any proof, otherwise please find a better way to spend your time.

    1. جاوید کریم says

      آپ کے پاس کوئی ثبوت ھے جو اس الزام کی نفی کرے۔ اگر اس شخص نے جھوٹا الزام لگایا تھا تو اس کے خلاف پولیس ایکشن کیوں نھیں لیتی؟

    2. Nadir Khan says

      Under your logic, if there is a proof then an allegation should be probed otherwise it wastes your time and seems funny to you. So under your logic, whatever imran khan or other politicians level allegations against their rivals it should not be published bcoz these are no news until they have proof at hands.
      And then coming to Chitral, under your intellectual logic the murder of two human beings in Lot Oveer was also not a news and should not be investigated because there was no proof who killed them for honour.
      But if the man who alleged that 10 kg charas and wine were recovered from an official vehicle being driven by a worker of the ruling party was just lying without proof why he is not being arrested for levelling a false allegation.
      So in order to reach the fact, the JI asked for a probe so that if the allegation was correct the driver of the official and all his accomplices could be punished in accordance with the law otherwise the man hurling such a big allegation could be sent to jail.
      Whether or not there were personal grudges between groups in PTI, someone should not come with such a big allegation against anyone for no reason and that too within his own party. In order to come out clean from the allegation and take action against the man who made the allegation, the PTI waley should probe the matter and they can do it and prove their innocence very easily because they have their own government. Had the PTI not been in power they would have made the excuse that the govt is behind making the allegation.

      So it is common sense that this allegation should be probed to know the truth. If you still stick to your logic it is up to you and for give me for my funny comments.

      Nadir Khan.

      1. Saifuddin says

        See, you have a good point; would have been taken seriously if you could have addressed the issue rather than the writers. What it has done is; has lost the seriousness of your arguments. Instead of writing a reactionary reply, you should have focused on the matter discussed. If this is how you are going to convince the law enforcement agencies to take up the issue; good luck.
        I am not familiar with legal repercussions but I know a little about the political gimmicks and how those are used for political goal scoring. Let’s say the police registers the case and probe starts (which can take months you know and everyone knows) What good it will bring to the society? whichever party blames the other; in the end what is the objective? use of contraband items will be stopped? You think that will bring shame to the ruling party? or fame to the other party? or will do justice? or will glorify someone who propagated this on media? OR there is a hidden custodian of moral authority among us who believes that the Justice Party is not doing justice and this is my job to make amends? This blame game is indeed a waste of time. As for YOU and YOUR FUNNY LOGIC. If you want to argue for the sake of argument, Please go ahead and fulfill your desire. Hain aur bhi gham zamane mai muhabbat ke siwa!
        As if there is not other issue left in Chitral to discuss on media!

  2. Javed Krim says

    oho, ye kaam rehgia tha. ye hai na tumhari jamhuriat and insaf pasandi. ab khud ek dusrey ke paglian uchal rehe hain. ye sarey badmash hain. sab maskharey hein ye log inko kia pata jamhuriat kia hoti hai. In key leader ney konsay karnama saranjam dia hai jamhuriat k ley.

  3. Amjad Booni says

    This is another slap on the face of all those who never tired praising the misali police of KPK. Something is fishy here in this case otherwise no one would come up with such a big allegation and that too from the same party Misali police’s performance has been exposed.
    In Oveer murder of two young souls for honor police have failed miserably and lost credibility and it is becoming clear that PTI leaders have pressurized police. This is double crime. They are protecting the murderers and also pressuring police to conceal the crime.
    This is very shameful in a very small village two innocent people have been murdered and no one is held responsible and all are trying to protect such a heinous crime.
    Then here workers of same PTI party are saying that police recovered charas and wine from official jeep of PTI leader and zakat chairman. This shows how PTI works and how its workers and leaders are divided and are fighting each other and exposing them selves/

  4. آل ارسلان says

    It was heard right at the moment that Something serious had happened at Bakar Abad checkpost as told by witnesses and a non-concerned man driving the vehicle was also detained but it was all multiplied with zero according to primary level mathematics.

  5. Nadir Khan says

    Haha, Why PTI workers don’t follow advice of their leader Sheikh Rashid. “Don’t wash your dirty linen in public.” Right from its chairman down to teenage workers, PTI does not need any rivals and will end up in a ditch very soon.

  6. Tehreek Na insaf says

    Unfortunately the weakest aspect of PTI are it’s workers. Save an odd exception rest are mostly rubbish and self seekers without any principles.

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