Repair of roads starts as funds released to C&W dept

CHITRAL: Repair of roads and bridges has been started in Lower Chitral as an amount of 10.7 million rupees has been released to the Communication and Works (C&W) Department, said an official.

He said repair and rehabilitation of Shiaqo Tek, Denin road, officers mess road, Garam Chashma road and Chitral-Mastuj road has been started during which the damaged protection walls are also being repaired.

At Angar Ghon on Garam Chashma road, the river was cutting the road and now a concrete wall is being constructed there to protect the road from the river.

Protection walls are also being constructed at different points on Chitral-Mastuj road to protect it from flash floods which occur in nullahs with the start of rains.

The C&W department also repaired the bridge at Prayet as its wooden planks had been damaged due to lack of repair for many years.

It may be mentioned that due to non-repair and lack of proper maintenance, roads and bridges across Chitral have ruined not only creating problems from the commuters but also putting their life at a stake.

Scores of people during the last a few years lost their lives when dilapidated bridges over rivers collapsed. So far, most of the bridges damaged in the 2015 floods have also not been reconstructed.–GH Farooqui

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