Student from Upper Chitral commits suicide in town


CHITRAL: A Bachelor of Science (BS) student from Upper Chitral committed suicide in the Chitral town area.

People of Parkusap village in Mastuj told ChitralToday Iftikhar Ali, 21, from was staying in the house of his sister in Chitral to take online classes as there is no internet facility in his village. He was a student of the Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

The locals said the student, who had also gone abroad on a scholarship, was the only brother of his five sisters. He committed suicide after his father taunted him over a petty issue on phone.

The father had called him after he was informed that Iftikhar had gone on an outing along with some friends.

The father asked him to immediately return home. Soon afterwards, the father got worried and called him again but his son did not attend the phone and switched if off.

The worried father then contacted his son-in-law who was in his office and asked him to rush to his house. When the son-in-law reached his house, the student had committed suicide by hanging from a ceiling fan. His sister was in her village and the student was alone in her house in Chitral.

The tragic incident has shocked the entire area and a large number of people even from far-off areas are visiting the house and condoling the death of the student.

A police official said it was fourth suicide incident in the area within the last a couple of months.

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